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Commitment to Quality Policy

Portnalls Stores LLC is fully committed to providing our customers with 100% genuine, quality products that are backed by the highest quality control standards and offer outstanding customer support.

Our commitments to our suppliers and partners are set out in our Policy below.  These are our minimum commitments to you.

Our Policy

  1. We are a fully licenced and registered business in the state of Wyoming. 

  2. Portnalls will abide by the rules set by our partners for any reselling of their products.  We will only purchase their products from them.

  3. We understand the need for price control and will always respect any Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) as determined by the supplier.

  4. Portnalls Stores is dedicated to providing great products within the pet industry and health sector.

  5. We are experienced in the promotion and marketing of pet products, including supplements and foods.

  6. Portnalls Stores will only promote high quality products that we believe in and trust.

  7. We will not mix and match any products for promotion in general.  If we ever see an opportunity for creating bundles these will be agreed with the supplier before we move forward.

  8. Portnalls will not make any claims for products that are not proven and approved by the FDA as genuine. We are fully aware of not making false claims or alluding to properties that products have not proven such as being able to cure any illnesses.

  9. We will not breach any copyright rules.  Only images and trademarks provided by the supplier will be used.  Any alternative images which we would like to promote will be issued to the supplier for approval.  We will never rebrand or repackage any suppliers products.  We do not tamper with product labels in any way.

  10. Portnalls Stores is dedicated to the best customer service and experience. We always offer returns and refunds.  We have a no questions 100% satisfaction guarantee policy which means we do not quibble with customers over any product refunds.  We are happy to deal with customer complaints or to pass these on to the appropriate supplier account manager.  We will always inform the supplier of complaints and raise any adverse reactions to any product.  We will not sell products that are beyond or close to their use by date.

  11. For clarity and to confirm our business is dedicated to promoting suppliers Brands, we do not promote our own brand.  We do not act as a wholesaler.  We do not sell to wholesale websites.


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